It Came from the 90s (Disney Edition)
Benni amato disney villains unfinished

Disney villains; unfinished, obviously. Don't remember why I didn't finish.

Benni amato disney heroines unfinished

Disney heroines; unfinished because I realized I was running out of space.

Benni amato disney heroines v2

I started a new heroines collection where the heroines were of a smaller size. And yet, I stopped after just four.

Benni amato disney cute sidekicks

Disney cute sidekicks edition. Unfinished! I am not good at finishing things.

Benni amato disney pocahontas cutouts

Pocahontas cutouts.

Benni amato disney biology class

I copied something I saw in the Academy of Art 1995 catalogue.

Benni amato toy story

Toy Story!

Benni amato wtp group shot

Winnie the Pooh.

Benni amato wtp parade

More Winnie.

Drawings I made in the '90s; the ones I haven't lost, anyway. This collection is for all the Disney drawings.