It Came from the 90s (Non-cartoon Edition)
Benni amato waynes world 2 garth wayne

Wayne's World 2! Garth and Wayne, obviously. I remember my mom being unimpressed.

Benni amato waynes world 2 cassandra

Wayne's World 2 - Cassandra.

Benni amato xfiles mulder scully skinner

X-Files. Mulder, Scully, and unfinished Skinner.

Benni amato xfiles gillian anderson reclined

I guess this is Gillian Anderson and not Scully.

Benni amato xfiles scully and krycek

Scully, Krycek. Didn't finish Mulder and Skinner.

Benni amato xfiles scully looking up

Scully looks up into the sky. Drawn on notecard.

Benni amato queen portrait

My favorite band in high school, thanks to Wayne's World 1.

Benni amato pulp fiction poster

Pulp Fiction poster.

Benni amato pulp fiction mia milkshake

Mia (Uma Thurman).

Benni amato pulp fiction vincent gun

Vincent (John Travolta).

Benni amato interview with the vampire

Interview with the Vampire.

Benni amato much ado beatrice benedick

Beatrice (Emma Thompson) and Benedick (Kenneth Branagh) from Much Ado About Nothing.

Benni amato models 02

Some model from a fashion mag.

Benni amato model into tree

Some model I transformed into a tree.

Benni amato models 01

Some model from a Giorgio Armani ad.

Benni amato batman forever cast

Batman Forever cast. To be fair, I drew this before I actually saw the movie.

Benni amato beatles unfinished

Beatles. Only Paul McCartney finished, ha.

Benni amato mae

A portrait I made of a former friend who was having dating drama at the time.

Drawings I made in the '90s; the ones I haven't lost, anyway. This collection is for all the miscellaneous non-cartoon stuff.